"I don't care. Just get them!"
Sound familiar? It needn't be.

The most critical decision you face when dealing with celebrities is who will represent you and your brand in one of the most complex and financially risky areas of the industry.

Only a handful of people actually have the expertise and the trusted relationships when approaching Hollywood reps. This is truly a case where no two people are alike. The negotiation starts with "Hello."

"Can you get to?"

There is a powerful myth about Hollywood whereby people think the ideal route is to have the first contact be made by someone who has a special relationship with the celebrity. When someone tells you they "know", or "know someone who knows" the celebrity, it is best to avoid this route. Unfortunately, Hollywood does not operate under this premise.

A top celebrity negotiator can get to anyone. It is done via respected, established, professional networks that are trusted by celebrities and their representatives. Simply put, reputation is the key; your word is your bond.

Timing is everything

Delivering a celebrity on time, on set, with an executed contract, where both parties are happy with the deal, is a direct result of a well-managed celebrity negotiation. Therefore, meticulously managing this process is critical in avoiding running the clock down so far that you lose all of your leverage, or worse, running out your clock, period.

The Process

How do you know who to trust?

Regardless of the remuneration to any one person, but especially when dealing with big figure deals, the money must be "invested" wisely and then very well protected on the back-end.

We draft each deal with one goal in mind: get the client everything they need, anticipate things for which the client may not even think to ask, and that long after the contract is signed, all parties are excited about their new or ongoing partnership.


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