Nowadays, advertisers rarely produce all of their marketing and promotional assets in one place (agency or territory) and yet many international advertisers are looking to share assets and, at times, send one branded global message that can be understood in any language.

A global corporate deal ensures that everyone is in sync and you reap the benefits of a centralized system for rights management. This gives you the freedom to expand campaigns as needed, while remaining fiscally responsible, without having to compromise your creative vision.

Rights can cross talent, music and intellectual property, and can vary from territory to territory. Therefore it is an essential goal that these rights all be in sync.

The Challenge of Digital

With the evolving media landscape comes an evolving set of standards for talent contracts and costs. When negotiating talent contracts in the digital space, it is in your interest to choose a company that truly has a global view, exceptional negotiating and contracting skills, a thorough understanding of how all of the various parts diverge, and how to effectively bring them all together in one deal.

Rather than create a rigid in-house formula for all our clients, we evolve each deal on a case-by-case basis because no two deals are the same: far better that you have a deal that is tailored to your industry, your demographic, your company.

And this is where we diverge from all of the other companies in this arena: drawing upon our experience, reputation, and cross-industry clients, we are consistently pioneering new terms of contract negotiations and writing new deals in the digital space, and we have been doing it since 2000. In terms of our own industry, we are trendsetters in this particular area. Navigating and succeeding in the digital space requires highly experienced, creative professionals who are willing to take risks when required. This is what we do best.

How does this benefit you?

You benefit from the fact that:


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What if you had a global corporate deal in place, tailored to your company's needs, that could set your market rates and ensure that everyone was on the same page? All without ever sacrificing the creative vision?

Who has the skills and experience to set that up and manage it for you in one central place?

We do.