We function as your internal talent business affairs department; a centralized entity at the uppermost level, controlling the process, ensuring it is consistently implemented across agencies, productions and territories as well as across collaborative rights holders.

In this ever more-fragmented business, advertising agencies and advertiser clients are relying on us to provide holistic and creative solutions. When various advertising agencies (general market, digital and public relations firms) all wish to share talent assets for a common client or campaign, we manage the entire process.

Our intention is never to interfere, but rather to partner with agencies to create a united team. We are your one stop global hub or the "glue" in the process. Here's what we can do for you:

When issues arise ...

If ever a crisis involving talent looms, we are the first call you or anyone on your team needs to make. For example, when a SAG-AFTRA official walks onto your set, you need only pick up the phone to have us step in and resolve the situation as (cost) efficiently as possible. After 20 years in the talent business, nothing you can tell us could surprise us- we've seen it all. That said, we prefer to proactively manage the process, averting disasters before they happen. We combine your valuable input and our collective experience to establish global deals for you so that all your partners have a standard talent contract with consistent terms and fees from which to work.

Software + Wisdom

We use the latest technology, combined with years of experience in getting to know all of the industry players. Because while we love our electronica, computers cannot interpret rights, they cannot negotiate contracts and they cannot use diplomacy to assuage a bad situation.

But here's the icing on the cake: we deal with the business affairs headaches. That's right, we decipher the union contracts, we translate the legalese into English for you, and most importantly, we deal with the personalities, leveraging our reputation to your benefit. We make sure you have answers before questions arise, and more than one option, so that you can make smart, informed decisions on the spot.


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