We’re a think tank that analyzes and streamlines every aspect of your multi-platform campaigns and offers customized and creative solutions.

Our many high-profile and loyal clients enjoy the highest-caliber version of each and every service they need—and the ones they didn’t know they needed.

What We Do

Our team has over two decades of experience. We maintain our reputation as being tough but fair negotiators with high integrity.

We’re not looking to replace anyone’s internal team—just to supplement it with expert help that you can trust on an as-needed basis. We collaborate with our clients and partners to achieve positive win-win outcomes together.

A Final Word on Integrity 

In the talent business, your word is your bond. The importance of integrity cannot be overstated. C.E.O. of Chloé Productions, Karyn Feiner, has built an unparalleled reputation for straight dealing, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

In this business, many deals are closed with a conversation and sealed with a handshake. This means that credibility, trust, and reputation are everything. Karyn Feiner and her team operate with the utmost integrity. It’s just how we do business.