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Finding the Solution by Re-thinking the Question

CASE STUDY | Chloé Resolves Campaign Dilemma, Saves Two Million Dollars

Executive Summary

It often takes both expert negotiating skills and a bit of ingenuity to turn an ad agency’s creative vision into a workable and practical reality.

When it comes to transforming an idea that looks good on paper into a full-blown production, there are literally hundreds of variables to consider, deadlines to adhere to, and industry practices that must be carefully and painstakingly considered.

Chloé doesn’t shy away from challenges like these, but rather embraces them as opportunities. With many years of established industry relationships, we support our clients with know-how and real-world strategic solutions.


Chloé’s client, a beloved U.S. brand, planned a major campaign with a huge cast including dozens of SAG singers, dancers, and models, in addition to an A-List celebrity. The client was committed to a union shoot. The projected cost for talent in the United States, however, left them with only two options: go outside the U.S. or come up with an entirely new concept.

Neither alternative was viable, so the client turned to Chloé to find a solution.

Chloé’s Unique Solution

Chloé closely analyzed the client’s existing scripts, looked at the “must haves” vs. what could be modified, and developed a strategy based on our knowledge of talent costs, union rules, and the client’s overall creative vision. Keeping the shoot within the U.S. was a key objective, so Chloé worked diligently back and forth between SAG and the client, developing and agreeing upon a workable solution.


Chloé found the solution by re-thinking the question. The shoot remained union and within the U.S., benefiting both our client and SAG members. It was a win-win for everyone. The agency and client were able to produce the campaign they envisioned at a savings of close to two million dollars, and the shoot remained compliant with all union rules and regulations.

It took some hard-line decisions and a lot of back and forth, but finally everybody realized that Chloé’s solution was the smartest for everyone concerned. We saved our concept, kept our union commitment, and were able to reduce production costs by 40%. None of this would have been possible without Chloé!


Mastering the Logistics of a Multinational Campaign

CASE STUDY | U.S.-based Retailer Expands into China

Executive Summary

Successfully navigating the cultural, governmental, and linguistic differences involved in an international business venture can be daunting. Add an aggressive timeline, multiple time zones and a highly visible project, and the stakes increase exponentially.

This case study looks at a situation that needed to be handled diplomatically, yet firmly. Working closely with our client, we were able to navigate a diverse set of challenges without missing a beat. Chloé delivered exceptional results under a demanding schedule, thanks to a solid client relationship built on trust and a proven track record.


Chloé’s client, a major United States-based retailer, was expanding into China. The planned launch campaign was the brand’s introduction into a hugely important market and critical to the company’s long-term success there.

The campaign had an aggressive five-week production schedule. It required shooting in China and involved a variety of American and Chinese A-listers, as well as a celebrated U.S.-based photographer. Celebrity negotiation requires a great deal of nuance in its own right, but it also varies drastically from country to country. For all parties to have a positive experience, it’s essential that everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

Chloé’s Unique Solution

Chloé’s globally-minded team became fluent in the form of celebrity negotiation that exists in China. We bridged the cultural divide, and did so in an extremely short amount of time by simultaneously tackling multiple issues.

The organization and impeccable coordination of all activities and participants into one cohesive “big picture” allowed the campaign to come together to the satisfaction of everyone involved, and in line with the client’s original vision.


With the support of a truly exceptional client, Chloé helped set the stage for a successful business launch and long-term business growth. The campaign itself was a milestone for the client, garnering the award for “Brand of the Year” in the Asia Pacific region.

That the Chloé team was able to make everyone happy under such formidable circumstances was nothing short of miraculous. I know
that they will always protect my brand and our interests.



Reinventing the Deal

CASE STUDY | Celebrity Negotiations for a Global Goods Manufacturer

Executive Summary

Inking a deal — particularly when celebrity talent is involved — does not always go according to the best-laid plans.

When contracts are drawn up, it’s essential to have the insight and tenacity to understand all the implications (and the limitations) of the ask.

This means being able to hear things that are implied versus said, and relating to people on human terms.



A client and global consumer goods manufacturer asked Chloé to negotiate a contract with a high-profile celebrity. Although the contract covered the celebrity’s endorsement of the product, our client’s number-one distributor then requested additional services from the celebrity to support their internal sales team.

Our client was caught in the middle of a politically sensitive situation and the stakes were high. Chloé needed to make the impossible happen.

Chloé’s Unique Solution

Chloé had built considerable trust and credibility with all parties involved in the initial negotiation, and intuitively knew what would motivate this celebrity to further partner with the client. By carefully and tactfully reframing the narrative around the agreed-upon terms, Chloé gradually turned the situation around. The celebrity not only agreed to terms outside of the original parameters of the contract, but also did so at no additional cost.


This case study reflects a core principle of Chloé’s philosophy: there is nothing quite as powerful as trust. While compromise can be an effective resource in the negotiation of business deals, there is one matter in which Chloé has always been uncompromising: integrity. The company’s reputation for putting integrity, honesty, and fairness above all else is its currency. It is what allows Chloé to deftly navigate situations like this one, and turn things around for our clients.

The Chloé team always goes above and beyond. They work tirelessly on behalf of clients and I wouldn’t
hesitate to work with them again. Actually, I look forward to it.