Our array of services covers your every single need in the talent management arena. We custom-tailor our services based on the individual client’s needs, but at the heart of what we offer all of our clients is a relationship of trust and integrity.

You will trust that your talent business affairs are being personally handled at the absolute highest level.

There are countless moving parts in a multi-platform campaign. Some are shared among agencies while others are not. We flawlessly execute any and all talent–related business affairs services, but we can also be the glue that holds it all together. We oversee the entire process for you at every stage of a project’s life-cycle.

Flawlessly Executed with
Respect, Integrity and Experience

After decades of inimitable experience, nothing you tell us could surprise us. We’ve mastered every aspect of this process imaginable, and proactively avert disasters before they happen.

When a talent-related crisis emerges, we’re the first and only phone call our clients need to make. We’ve known the players a long time, and you reap the benefits of our deeply-rooted and far-reaching industry connections. This means that we’ll often have the answers before you have to ask the questions.

  • Streamline your talent business affairs under one roof by centralizing all of your talent rights, payroll, and planning.
  • Demystify union codes and strategize on structuring deals to secure the broadest scope of rights and services under the union codes.
  • Lead client stakeholders through all aspects of the celebrity negotiation process and manage their expectations during complex negotiations.
  • Negotiate talent contracts and ensure all agencies and partners work with consistent terms and fees.
  • Remain an active partner throughout the life-cycle of every project.