We are SAG-AFTRA experts and are signator to several of its collective bargaining agreements. We have over twenty years of experience interpreting these agreements and have set industry precedents in both traditional and digital media.
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“Can you be our union signator?”

We would be happy to act as your union signator, provided that we’re the right fit for you in conjunction with other services and requirements.

“Is digital union?”

Many clients are still working under the assumption that digital media is not a union covered area, and as a result, often choose to plan for non-union labor… until the moment they want someone special and discover that the person is union.

“Can you be hands-on today?”

If you can be… Being a union signator means that we are responsible for all talent appearing in the commercial (or production) and SAG-AFTRA will hold us liable for making sure all talent are properly paid, including applicable Pension & Health.

Therefore, we need ample time to:

  • Set proper expectations
  • Facilitate the execution of the Chloé Client Services Agreement
  • Prepare the client that money will need to be moved promptly
  • Review storyboards/scripts/treatments for talent cost implications
  • Prepare estimates to ensure all talent are booked according to the casting brief
  • Negotiate talent (if necessary)
  • Prepare the talent employment contracts for the shoot