Celebrities adjust to the “New Normal”

Average citizens aren’t the only ones having to adjust to the “New Normal” recession lifestyle. Celebrities are being held to similar standards. The pressure is on to appear as authentic, simple and bling-free as possible. In short, to live up to their I’m-just-like-you-but-famous mantra with real actions.

Promoting good causes has long been a staple in the world of celebrity PR. For many years, the best way to positively promote a celebrity’s image, particularly in the wake of a scandal, was to present them as the spokesperson for a popular medical charity. More recently, it took a more intimate, authentic turn, becoming a matter of personal accountability, namely how ‘green’ a celebrity was. Now it’s how New Normal you are. From Obama to Jennifer Aniston, it’s about proudly (pro)claiming your inner-cheapskate.

What is this “New Normal”? A combination of survey results released last month from Gallup, IPP, and Razorfish, reported that US consumers intend to maintain their recently acquired frugal lifestyle well into the future, regarding it as the “New Normal.”

Many don’t believe it will last. Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt:”those who think consumer frugality is here to stay don’t understand the American psyche.” — Cannes, July 2009. Still, while it does, savvy advertisers are studiously avoiding aligning their brands with ostentatious lifestyles.

Meanwhile, celebrities are, well, adapting to the new reality. So, who’s the reigning king of New Normal celebs? Leonardo Di Caprio. He takes commercial flights, drives a Prius, speaks out about global warming and the problems facing African nations. Go Leo!