Breaking Through the Noise at NY Fashion Week

It’s tougher than ever to break through the clamour of glamour during New York Fashion Week. Every brand is producing a catwalk video and backstage interviews, and the now de rigeur 6-second Vine videos. How to stand out?

Smart fashion brands are producing branded content that entertains. What better way to showcase the spirit behind a brand than a playful video that gently pranks fellow fashionistas?

Following in the footsteps of Jimmy Kimmels’ wildly popular Lie Witness News Fashion Week Interviews, Cynthia Crowley and team put together this light-hearted video that takes advantage of the Dahling-how-ahhh-you-kiss-kiss atmosphere of NY Fashion Week.

But before you decide to re-use some backstage or other spontaneously-generated “unofficial” video footage or photos for your brand’s promotional purposes (that includes social media and fan-generated content), you need to be sure that you have the requisite rights and permissions.

Given the speed at which fashion news needs to happen, it’s critical that you know upfront what can and cannot be used, so that you and your in-house social media team can make split-second decisions with confidence. By securing the contractual rights to the specific asset or any other assets in advance (we can help you with that and more) you will know without a doubt what you can and cannot post before, during and after an event. It’s less stress for everyone involved.